Trifulòt: Sweet Truffles by Tartuflanghe

Our Trifulot®, sweet truffles in small size but with big flavor.

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Trifulot - Dolci Tartuflanghe

the tiny truffle

A hazelnut soft kindred spirit, the ultimate best for a high palate. A match made in heaven in only seven grams.

Piedmontese hazelnut - Trifulot

Trifulòt: The Sweet Truffle by Tartuflanghe

Trifulòt, the first Mini Sweet Truffle, was born in 2007 in our confectionery laboratory. A colorful, captivating attire: a unique, exclusive and tailored wrapping. The gentle soul of a hazelnut, combined with the personality of other best ingredients.
A blend of taste in 7 grams.

The 7 grams Size

Trifulòt, our Sweet Truffle, was born by reversing tradition: a delicious chocolate praline in 7g, ideal for any small pleasure break.

Materie prime d’ eccellenza

La Nocciola *
Our hazelnuts are harvested, selected and inspected by hand.
Grown on the Alta Langa hills, are considered the best variety of hazelnut in the world, thanks to the distinctive taste and unmistakable aroma.
The hazelnut enhanced reveal occurs with the encounter with two other ingredients, High-end gourmet and non-industrial chocolate, as well as natural vanilla flavor.
Both, excellent raw materials and the best Piedmontese confectionery tradition: such is our secret shared with every Trifulòt.
* Only with “Nocciola Piemonte PGI”

Trifulòt collection

In 2007 Tartuflanghe was the first company in the world to reinterpret the traditional 14g praline size crafting the 7g Mini Sweet Truffle: delicious chocolate tidbit, a bite of pleasure, perfect for a break in every moment of the day.
Today, we are glad to introduce you to a new story.
A brand new guise for the same distinctive taste: Trifulòt

Trifulot - International Chocolate Awards 2015
Black Sweet Truffle - Tartuflange Sweets

Black Sweet Truffle

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White Sweet Truffle - Tarrtuflanghe Sweets

White Sweet Truffle

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Extra Dark Sweet Truffle - Tartuflanghe Sweets

Extra Dark Sweet Truffle

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Caramel and Salt Sweet Truffle - Tartuflanghe Sweets

Caramel and Salt
Sweet Truffle

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Amaretto Sweet Truffle - Tartuflanghe Sweets

Amaretto Sweet Truffle

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Trifulot - International Chocolate Awards 2015
Pistachio Sweet Truffle - Tartuflanghe Sweets

Pistachio Sweet Truffle

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Cappuccino Sweet Truffle - Tartuflanghe sweets

Cappuccino Sweet Truffle

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Dulcis Tuber Truffle Praline - Tartuflanghe Sweets

Dulcis Tuber
Truffle Praline

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Trifulot - International Chocolate Awards 2015
Cardamom Sweet Truffle - Tartuflanghe Sweets

Cardamom Sweet Truffle

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Saffron Sweet Truffle - Tartuflanghe Sweets

Saffron Sweet Truffle

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Rose Sweet Truffle - Tartuflanghe sweets

Rose Sweet Truffle

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Trifulot - International Chocolate Awards 2015
Peanuts Sweet Truffle - Tartuflanghe sweets

Peanuts Sweet Truffle

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Lemon Sweet Truffle - Tartuflanghe sweets

Lemon Sweet Truffle

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